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Menzel coating range

Menzel coating range

General description:

Different methods of production can be realized, machine is designed for coating on a precisely high coating roller or as an air doctor blade. 

Equipped with a collision control system

Machine consists of:

lower frame and coating head with length, beam and knife adjustment, 

coating roller with stripping doctor device (which helps to remove residues from the rear roller), 

brake, paste limitation, paste supply, control panel

Lacquering device - serves for lacquering the before coated material. 

Consists of a frame, engraved roller, pressure roller, medium basin and medium limitation.

Coating beams adjusted with servo drive controlled via the control panel from which all functions of the machine a centrally controlled.

Coating knives:  adjustable

Dryer - 10 heat sections and a cooling section, 2 sections each are combined in one temperature zone.

Cooling Section : 2 fresh air ventilator

Mahlo coating thickness verifier system, entry and exit

1 Preheating unit for fabric, run with hot water

Heat exchanger & transfer by H.E.A.T. Inc

Model KM550-80-483 , 80 Kw, yoc 2005, max. temp. 550 F, max. press. 75 psig, 480V 60 Hz


Year: 2005

Roller width: 2800 mm.

Coating roller with doctor stripping device

Coating beam equipped with 2 coating knives

Material width: 2600 mm.

Speed: 3-35 m/min.

Burner Capacity: Zone 1 (inlet) 150 Kw, Zones 2-5 100 Kw

Voltage: 3x 480 V AC, +/- 10%

Frequency: 60 Hz

Control Voltage: 24 V DC

Compressed air: 6 bar

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