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Many clothing and textile items require jacquard weaving. If you need to find great used jacquard weaving equipment, you can count on Coker & Associates to provide you with high-quality products that are in great condition. We carefully inspect each item to ensure you are getting a great deal and can use the product for years to come. It's a better way to get the equipment and machinery you need without exceeding your budget. This is a great option for companies who need a replacement right away after an unexpected loss of machinery. Check out the selection on the website and don't hesitate to inquire about these and other products we offer for sale or trade.

Another of the great items we regularly carry for those who operate within the textile industry are used projectile weaving machines. These machines are salvaged in good working condition and can offer you a better way to supply your company with the equipment you need. Because we have the ability to source these items easily, we can offer them to our customers at a much lower price than they would get at another supplier. Additionally, we also carry material and yarn supplies that can make acquiring and running this type of machine easier and more efficient. We have everything you need to keep your business running and on budget. Check out our selection today or get assistance from one of our professional team members.

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